Talented, yes. Obsessed, of course. Its been said that the character of a man is reflected in the work he creates. If that is so, Douglas E. Walker is truly a man of great vision.

He is one of very few who sees “the big picture.” With amazing acuity, and fierce commitment to quality, he is able to recreate his remarkable vision in photographic form. One of the world’s premier location photographers, Walker’s is a world of grand scapes – rolling hills of lush green, crystal blue lakes, bright gold grain fields, and magenta skies. Light, colour, and location are his tools.

Born in rural Saskatchewan, educated at Ryerson, trained in Toronto, he remains true to his roots even though his career has taken him around the globe. Walker has worked with the multi-national ad agencies for some of the world’s most recognized brands. His body of work has received international acclaim and has earned him a position of one of Masterfile’s top ten location photographers. He has seen his work in the pages of major magazines and photographic journals. And he has, albeit unwillingly, appeared in front of the camera for the television travel adventure Freeze Frame, filmed in Switzerland for the Discouvey Channel..

Known for his business acumen, careful planning, and meticulous execution, Walker is the consummate professional. He consistently overwhelms, relentlessly prepares for the assignment, and, inevitably delivers without fail. His images speak for themselves. And at the same time, lend a voice to their visionary creator – Douglas E. Walker.